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Maze Consulting is a highly technical strategic consultancy focused on public and private equity-owned businesses. We have a proven track record of generating valuation-changing revenues using practical strategies, rapid implementation, and modern technologies.

Platform and Infrastructure

The technology that a company uses has a dramatic impact on its team’s ability to understand the business and drive growth. From e-commerce platforms, to business intelligence tools, to massive multi-corporate data repositories, Maze finds the right mix of third party and proprietary technologies to enable existing teams to make a large impact on the bottom line. Our in-house development team has worked on massively-scaled commerce and data infrastructure for decades, and executes all implementations for Maze projects.


As businesses grow, acquiring new customers profitably and at scale becomes increasingly difficult. Maze utilizes industry-leading strategies, partnerships, alternative channels, and tools to ensure that our clients continue to scale profitably.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The UX, layout, design, and functionality of a site can determine whether a user will make a purchase or not. Maze utilizes best-in-class strategies, technologies, and tactics to maximize the value of every visitor. Our highly experienced CRO team analyzes performance to determine uplift opportunities, and our in-house developers and designers create, then implement tests. We have a proven track record of generating massive uplifts in conversion rates and revenue for our clients.


Maintaining a customer’s engagement is just as important as acquiring a new one. It can also be significantly more profitable. Maze’s retention department uses cutting- edge software, strategy, and constant testing to extract the highest Lifetime Value from each customer acquired. We use a combination of email, push notifications, loyalty programs, messaging applications, and any other channels that suit the particular needs of our client’s customers.

Software Solutions

Maze Software Solutions is a team of highly experienced e-commerce and data architecture engineers, offered as a service to our clients. We architect and build entire e-commerce platforms, database infrastructure and warehouses, and customer data platforms, as well as implement and integrate third party tools and technologies.


The Maze Group has a proven track record of creating valuation-changing platforms and revenues for our private equity clients. As a result, Maze Capital now partners with these Private Equity clients to co-invest in late stage companies where we believe value can be unlocked through our deep operating expertise in digital growth.


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Practical Changes. Real Revenue.

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